Online CIMPA Pre-School El Salvador 2020

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Algebraic Methods in Topology

Online CIMPA Pre-School “Algebraic Methods in Topology”, December 14-19, 2020. This Pre-School consists in 4 online mini-courses covering foundational topics in Algebra and Topology as preparation for the CIMPA School “Algebraic Methods in Topology” to be held in El Salvador in 2022.

This Pre-School is aimed for senior-undergraduate and graduate math students.

The deadline to register for this Pre-School is November 30, 2020. Acceptance will be notified at a later date.

The official languages are English and Spanish.

Online CIMPA Pre-School activities:
Opening talk (Language: Spanish).
Online mini-courses (Platform: Google Meet):

  1. Foundations of Homotopy Theory (Language: Spanish).
  2. Introduction to Abelian Groups and Modules (Language: Spanish).
  3. An introduction to Stable Homotopy Theory (Language: Spanish).
  4. Foundations of Module Theory (Language: English).